3 Things To Know Before You Hire Home Cleaning Services

Hiring a cleaning service can be difficult. For some homeowners, it can even be stressful. It’s the fear of being judged for the accumulated mess, or perhaps the belief that it’s your job to clean — even though you already work a full-time job. Despite these misgivings, hiring professional cleaners can make a huge difference in your quality of life. Whether it’s a one-time thing or a weekly visit, cleaning services can help you refocus your energies on the important things in life.


Because you’ve never hired a house cleaning service before, you may not know what to expect. So before the cleaners arrive for their first visit, here are three things you’ll need to know.


  • They won’t clean everything…

There are some messes that a home cleaning service is just not qualified to clean. Messes involving blood, feces or other bio-hazards should be handled by specialists trained to handle bodily fluids and hazardous chemicals. Sometimes, that can include extreme pet messes, too. In addition, if you are recovering from a house fire or flood, then you need a service that is equipped to deal with those conditions. Likewise, if you have a toxic mold infestation, then you need a mold abatement service, not a house cleaner. The most important thing to remember is this: Hire the right professional service for the job at hand.

  • You may want to pre-clean…

This is a tough one for some people to wrap their heads around, and it’s not always a requirement. You may be wondering why you should clean before the cleaners get there, but you will get better results for your money this way. By pre-cleaning the home, you’re giving the professionals the chance to focus their efforts on deep cleaning and getting to the chores you don’t normally get to. That being said, if pre-cleaning isn’t an option for you, that’s okay.

  • It takes longer than you think…

You may run across services with a 1-hour cleaning deal as you look for the best service. It’s important to remember that your cleaning service is likely going to deep clean your home. Many cleaning services actually require a deep clean for the first visit. Even if it takes you only one hour to clean your home, your professional cleaners will do tasks you typically don’t think of. Tasks like cleaning the door jams for finger smudges and scrubbing your kitchen cabinets. If you have limited time or limited funds, then you may want to choose one specific space in your home and have the cleaner focus their efforts there.


The housekeeping industry is at your disposal. There were nearly 3.26 million people working in the professional cleaning industry as of 2016. Don’t let the stress of trying something new prevent you from finally hiring a house cleaning service. Your anxiety will subside once you’re through the first house cleaning. And, even if that first visit is the only time you plan to get your home cleaned by professionals, the results will be well worth it. You can return home to a delightfully tidy space that will brighten every day you spend in your home.


Remember: A clean home drastically improves your day to day mood.