DustBusters is proud to add a full-service car detail to our product offerings. Our car detailing services feature top-quality products to restore shine to your car’s exterior and leave the interior looking and smelling clean and fresh. Done at our location, our experts are trained and equipped with the tools, equipment, chemicals and supplies to provide the best car detailing services for your automobile.

There are several packages available to choose from – or you can create your own!

Featured Packages

#1 Basic Wash & Vacuum

#2 Premium-Basic In/Out–Wash/Dry, Vacuum, Windows, Clean & Dress Entire Interior

#3 Premium I – Inside & Shampoo—Vacuum, Interior Windows, Clean & Dress Entire Interior and Shampoo

#4 Premium II – In/Out/Shampoo–Wash/Dry, Vacuum, Windows, Clean & Dress Entire Interior, & Shampoo

#5 Ultimate – Wash/Dry, Vacuum, Interior/Exterior Windows, Clean & Dress Entire Interior, Shampoo, Tar Removal and Wax

You can also change it up and tailor our services to your needs! For example, you can combine Wash & Wax or opt for the Basic Wash & Vacuum, and add Wax to it. The possibilities are endless!

Contact us today to discuss your car detailing needs.