When it comes to in-home comfort, clean and beautifully bright carpeting is a must. Ensure that your carpet looks and feels great with regular carpet shampooing, courtesy of DustBusters.

What are the benefits of professional carpet shampooing?

  • Elimination of dust mites, allergens and trapped residue
  • Reduction of germs, bacteria and mold
  • Removes stubborn stains and spots
  • Reduces the effects of wear and tear
  • Restores the vibrant appearance of the carpeting
  • Extends carpet life

How does it work?

Carpet shampooing is a wet process and can be quite tricky – that’s why it’s best to leave this kind of cleaning to the professionals at DustBusters. First, a solution is applied to the carpeting in order to loosen up any dirt and debris. Then a carpet extractor is used to rinse the carpeting and remove the dirt.

Interested in a thorough, deep clean for your carpeting? Inquire today.