Green Cleaning: Pet Edition

Everyone who has ever purchased a puppy has experienced the thrill and excitement of bringing the little guy home — as well as the shock at the inevitable moment he decides to change the color of your brand new, probably expensive carpet. According to the EPA, the air inside most homes is 200% to 500% more polluted due to toxic cleaning chemicals — in addition to being sometimes ridiculously expensive, they’re also bad for you and your new pet. If you’re trying to live on a budget, keep your indoor air fresh and clean, and you have a new house guest who sometimes struggles to control his bladder, here are a few ways to handle all of those problems!

  • Tackling the Yellow Monster: So, your little guy has gone and turned your pristine white or beige carpet into a color more reminiscent of Gatorade, or the sun. If you’re living on a budget, you probably can’t afford carpet cleaning services, and that’s totally fine — there are other options that require a little less money and a little more legwork (not from the puppy, though, he’s done enough of that already). Odds are you probably have everything you need in your pantry: vinegar and baking soda are the essentials. Combine two cups of vinegar with two cups warm water and four tablespoons of baking soda. Spray it on the bright stain after you’ve patted the area as dry as it can be and let it sit for a few minutes. DON’T rub it in — this will just rub the urine deeper into your carpets, and then you actually will need to hire a carpet cleaning company to get rid of it! Blot the remaining area after the mixture has soaked into it and the color should come right out.
  • When It Comes Out The Wrong Way: Arguably the worse of the two, vomit is significantly more disgusting to have to clean — but you can’t blame your little guy, sometimes pups just have sensitive tummies. Continue to follow the DON’T RUB technique, and be sure to act quickly as vomit contains acid that can stain fast. Blot until all the moisture has come out, removing the chunks of your dog’s last meal as well. Combine one-half cup vinegar, one tablespoon salt, one tablespoon liquid dish soap, and two cups of water and continue to blot the area. You may have to perform repeat treatments depending on the severity of your dog’s sickness. Again, worse comes to worst, you can always find a rug cleaning or carpet cleaning service to help you out (especially if it’s, say, your mother’s rug).

Hopefully, these little accidents will only continue until your new family member is properly house trained. However, accidents are called accidents for a reason — now, you’ll be prepared for anything your pup throws at you!

While these green cleaning methods are great for spot cleaning, they’re not necessarily effective when it comes to cleaning all of your carpeting. Next time you need a full-house carpet cleaning, contact our team at DustBusters.