The Actual Grossest Things Around Your Office Aren’t What You Think

Office buildings make up the largest portion of the cleaning services industry at 31%. That’s a lot of office cleaning around the country. Most office dwellers go home in the evening, the commercial cleaning company comes in to make things shiny, then, in the morning, everything is magically fresh again.

Walking into a clean office every morning is a nice feeling. Not having to think about the cleaning process is even nicer. You’re welcome. What most cubicle crusaders don’t think about are the gross things in the office that go overlooked on a daily basis. Things that are microbial breeding grounds.

Coffee Makers

A lot of people figure that because you’re pushing steaming hot water through it several times a day that it doesn’t get gross. Obviously not true, coffee makers go for alarming amounts of time without any manner of internal disinfecting, and you drink from it on a daily basis. What’s more, the handle on the coffee pot gets some of the most hand traffic of anything in the office.

Cubicle contact zones

You’ll notice a trend here, but the things that are touched the most are guilty of being the grossest places in the office. You’re in contact with your computer keyboard and mouse for most of the day. Rarely thought of, these surfaces become incredibly gross yet few people actually clean them. You might use the keyboard duster spray to get between the keys, but the real gross-zone is on the surface. Office cleaning services aren’t going to touch your computer for obvious reasons, so it’s helpful to keep disinfectant wipes handy to give your keyboard and mouse a good wipedown.

Your mobile phone

Ta-da! The grossest thing in the office is the one that rarely leaves your hand. Your mobile phone should be considered a mobile petri dish. Something that comes in contact with a whole bunch of surfaces, yet never really disinfected. We bring them to the bathroom, to meals, to happy hour, then into bed with us. Mobile phones are public enemy #1 in the world of ew. Give your phone a disinfectant wipe down from time to time because it needs it.

Office cleaning only goes so far sometimes. We’ll get most of the surfaces, carpets, bathrooms, etc., but we can’t keep your mobile phone clean and definitely aren’t messing around with your desktop hardware. Help us help you and think about high traffic places that could be bacterial paradises, then go break up their party.