Cleaning Hacks from Professional Cleaners

Professional cleaners know how to get your space sparkling clean using these hacks! On average an American household will spend over $600 every year on cleaning supplies, trying to get their homes clean. Our hacks will help you save on cleaning agent costs.

Of course, when you consider the time that you have to spend cleaning and the cost of the cleaning agents, you can see how professional cleaners might be a less expensive way to go but if you insist on DIY house cleaning every week, use the hacks below to get great results.

Start At the Top and Work Your Way Down

A lot of people miss out on critical areas of house cleaning because they stay focused on their line of vision and never look up. Start cleaning from the top down. Start in the corners of the room to grab those spider webs (a great hack is to wrap a dishtowel around the bristle end of the broom securing with rubber bands). Wipe towards the center of the room. Next hit up the ceiling fan and light fixtures using the same technique.

Then move on to the next level of surfaces. Fancy sprays and polishes are 90% scent and about 10% wax. You can use a lightly dampened rag to get the same results or a dry microfiber towel to grab that dust.

Bathroom and Kitchen Hacks

The bathroom and the kitchen are two rooms that require a lot of housekeeping attention. With these hacks you can save time and money keeping things up to par:

  • Clean it up every time you use it!
  • Use baskets and other organizing tools
  • Make effective cleaners

Every time you use the bathroom or kitchen clean as you go. It will make it easier for you to keep up on things. Make it a habit to quickly wipe down the sink or shower after you use it. A quick swipe at the mirror in the bathroom will ensure that it is ready for the next user.

Keep baskets with cleaning materials handy to ensure that you can do a quick grab and go. It will help to keep the space clean so that deep cleaning is not as necessary.

Use Baskets Everywhere!

Using baskets all around the house is a smart move. You can put baskets in every room to keep your stuff organized and to tidy up quickly. House cleaning can be a breeze if you stay organized throughout the week.

If you have a multi-level house you can keep a basket on the steps that can help you make fewer trips up and down the stairs. Place whatever needs to go upstairs in the basket than carry it up at the end of the day.

Cleaning Agents

Keep these things in your pantry, white vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and olive oil and you will have powerful natural cleaning solutions that can be used on a wide range of surfaces. A dab of olive oil on a rag is a great way to bring the beauty out in wood and to protect it.

Baking soda is a great scouring agent for sinks and tubs. Vinegar with water in a spray bottle makes a great grease cutting all-purpose cleaner. You can get a streak-free shine on windows and more.

Lemon juice is a great gentle cleanser for countertops and other areas and as a bonus, it leaves behind a nice clean fresh scent. There are plenty of at-home cleaning agents that you can create to save money without sacrificing results.

Treat Yourself to a Professional Cleaner Once In a While

Everyone deserves a break. Every once in a while get the professional cleaners in to give your space a deep clean. Professional cleaners will make keeping up with things easier!