What Car Detailing DOES and DOESN’T Include

When you want to thank your car for getting you from point A to point B, getting it detailed is probably the best way to give it a much-deserved makeover. From the tires to the windshield, going with a car detailing service ensures that you’ll get a deeper clean than just driving through the car wash.

But if you’ve ever thought about what exactly detailing entails, here is a complete list of what car detailing services do and do not include. That way you’re prepared the next time you want your car to shine like it’s brand new.

The Interior

The inside of your car can get just as dirty as the outside. Organizing and cleaning the interior of your car can give you some mental clarity and ease your stress levels. After all, a clean space is a happy space.


Car detailing includes a heavy duty vacuuming session to rid your carpets of crumbs and dirt. Vacuuming not only cleans the surface area of your carpet, but it also helps prevent allergies caused by pet dander and hair.

Carpet cleaning

Shampooing the inside of your car can help remove tough stains and grime left over by the vacuum. It’s one of those touches that can instantly transform your car.


The seats of your car can get just as dirty as the carpet, so to combat filth, hire a cleaning service company to scrub, vacuum, and detail the seats too.

The Exterior

Cleaning the exterior of your car is a completely different process that includes:

A complete body wash

This is useful for anyone returning from a long road trip. Sure, a quick drive through the car wash can help get some of the grime off. But detailing helps to achieve a new level of clean. You can say goodbye to water spots and dry dirt.


The windows are properly cleaned and dried with a microfiber cloth. No more streaks and spots.


If you’ve ever wondered how waxing can benefit your car, here are the long-term benefits. Waxing your car can help prevent scratches. It can also bring out the body’s shine. Not only that, but your wallet will thank you too. Waxing your car often and saves you the hassle and money of getting a new paint job, which is far more expensive.

What a full-service car detail ISN’T

A full car detailing offers all the services you need to have a sparkling car in your driveway. However, here are a few things that car detailing services do not offer.

  • It’s not a basic car wash. A full detailing service can increase the resale value of your car. As you’ve just read, it’s far more detailed and involves more steps than a traditional drive-through car wash.
  • Proper car detailing services do not include any paint work. Though waxing your car can help prevent future scratches and chips, the detailing company cannot fix any major damage to the paint job.
  • Car detailing services do not include any bodywork, meaning dents are out of their jurisdiction.


So now you know what’s included in car detailing and what is not. If your car requires a deep clean after a long road trip or you need to increase its resale value before you put it on the market, detailing is a must if you want it in pristine condition. DustBusters can make that happen. DustBusters offers a range of cleaning services from house cleaning to car detailing. So no matter where your mess is, DustBusters can help make your space spotless.