5 Housekeeping Tips Direct From the Pros

Americans like a clean home. As a matter of fact, we spend an average of $660.48 every year on housekeeping and cleaning supplies. But where do you find the time to keep your house as clean as you want it to be? Or worse yet, what if guests show up out of the blue and your place is a mess? Make your house gleam like it was just professionally deep-cleaned with these five tips.

1. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify.

Do you have four bathroom cleaners, three disinfectants, two glass cleaners, and furniture polish under your sink? Then it’s time to take the advice of the pros and do what a cleaning company does – make your choices simple. For the sake of efficiency, use just three different products to remove the grease and dirt from nearly all surfaces.

2. Turn Up the Volume.

To make your house cleaning time more fun, put on your favorite music and let the lively beat get you moving. For practicality, the music has to be loud enough so you can hear it over the hum of the vacuum cleaner.

3. Let the Sunshine In.

When cleaning your house open all of the drapes and blinds, or turn every light on. You should also try to finish cleaning before 3 p.m. since the light begins to dwindle after that, and you can’t see the dirt as clearly as you could earlier in the day.

4. Forge Your Own Path.

Professional cleaners like to work in a “path”, starting from the top of the room to bottom, and from the back of the room to the front of it. Floors are the last to be cleaned. By beginning your cleaning at the top of the room, all the dust and dirt falls down onto the lower objects that haven’t been cleaned yet.

It’s also helpful to visualize a “slice” of the room, an area no wider than your outstretched arms or a space that’s clearly defined by furnishing or other detail. Once you do that, clean everything within the slice from top to bottom, then move on to the next one.

5. Make It Sparkle Like a Diamond.

True cleaning company pros aren’t satisfied until they’ve left a house shining with cleanliness. To give your objects that “finished” professional look, spray it with vinegar, then wipe it down with a clean microfiber cloth. This can be done on room doors, every kitchen appliance, glass surfaces, porcelain fixtures, and cabinet doors.

For busy people who still want their house to be clean, following these tips from the pros will save you time and yield great results. Just simplify your cleaning products, turn on some great music, open the drapes, work your path, and “finish” your work with a little vinegar. Your house will be so sparkling clean that you’ll be delighted if unexpected guests show up on your doorstep.